Alles lieber als Steuern.

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0. Registration

Create your account on in the menu under „Register“. Alternatively, download the app from the Appstore and register directly from the app.

taxfritz - the app for your tax declaration.

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1. Select the right taxfritz offer

In the customer area, you can select the right offer for you. Taxfritz is targeted at private individuals without ownership of real estate.


The following payment options are available:

  • with Twint – mobile payment (free of charge)
  • with Paypal (transfer cost expenses 3.4%)
  • Payments to the PostFinance account (free of charge)

After payment has been made, additional functions such as uploading documents and the mailbox will be activated.

2. Uploading tax documents

Whenever a tax voucher comes in: putting in a shoe box is outdated. With taxfritz, you simply upload your documents directly to your taxfritz account. It is stored in the right category and is then available for the tax declaration.

Upload documents from a PC

  • Log into your taxfritz account.
  • Go to “documents” and click on “New document”
  • Select the document category and upload the document.

Upload documents from via the app

To avoid questions and delays later, please ensure that the snapped document is legible.

A word about our security standards

We protect your data using these measures:

  • TLS encryption of all accesses: Your data is always transmitted securely
  • Server location in Switzerland
  • Professional maintenance and monitoring

Of course our servers and lines comply with the highest safety standards.

You can find an overview of all of the documents you have submitted in your account. In the document inbox, the documents initially appear as unaudited. After the document has been audited, the documents are assigned a tax period and stored If there are questions, the tax consultant will contact you via email or push notification as per your profile settings.

3. Give the start signal for the tax declaration

Once you have submitted all of your documents, the tax declaration can be created.

Your profile should be filled out, at the latest, at this point. The profile includes information about your address, marital status and your tax number and bank information. This is, however, only required in the first year. In the subsequent years, checking the information and changing it if necessary is sufficient.

The final step is filling out the survey and then we can get started..

To do this, activate the “Create tax declaration” button on the right side of the overview of your orders.

4. Receive, sign and send the tax declaration to the tax office

Depending on your request, the tax declaration will be created as a PDF or sent via post within the selected processing time (10 business days = express package or 30 business days = standard package).

Please sign the declaration where marked and send it to your tax office.

The taxfritz archive

Of course, we will archive your tax declaration and documents for as long as you are our customer.

You thus have an organized overview of your tax history wherever you are: at home, in a new place, abroad and can view it at any time without having to dig through buried archive boxes.

And that’s all you have to do for your tax declaration!

Profit during the year

We at taxfritz strive to create an optimal tax declaration.

What are the characteristics of an optimal tax declaration?

It is

  • On time
  • Correct
  • Exhaust all tax savings options

We offer several practical tools for you to use

  • Document checker: in an overview, we show you which documents can be submitted in principle to help you save on taxes. After your second year with taxfritz, this list will be customized for you so you can see which documents you submitted in the previous year.
  • Tax alarm clock: never miss another tax-related deadline and activate the tax alarm clock to ensure you can submit your tax declaration on time.
    Example: if you have selected the standard package, the alarm clock will notify you 4 weeks prior to the end of the submission deadline that the start signal for creating the tax declaration has to be given soon.
  • Tax tips: in our newsletter, we regularly inform you of exciting tax topics that help you save money.