Alles lieber als Steuern.



Taxes are relentless, but they come every year. Not again! - you might think every year. To make things easier, now there is taxfritz. From the start:

This is how taxfritz came to be

For our customer, who inspired the taxfritz project, taxes are one of the worst things in the world. She made the first consultation appointment in February and canceled it. She postponed the second appointment in March to May. In October, she made it to the appointment after five attempts and was very nervous and rushed at the beginning of the meeting. After 30 minutes, she was relaxed, her questions answered and she wanted to make the next appointment right away.

Admittedly, this is an extreme case, but maybe you can relate?

taxfritz turns the tables: Submit tax documents at any time, bit-by-bit, clarify questions and agree on meetings on a case-by-case basis. You gain time for more important and more pleasant things.

Tax regulations are becoming more and more complex

The community is buckling under the public burdens, is repeatedly in the red and the need for funds is continuously increasing. As a result, the complexity and dynamics of taxation and the regulations are growing without halt and regulation loopholes are being closed. In short: the density of Swiss regulations is growing increasingly harder to manage and more complex. Even simple questions lead to new, convoluted if-then answers, etc.

taxfritz is always up-to-date with respect to tax laws and creates certainty, with the help of professional support, that your taxes are optimally prepared.

Other customs and technologies

Not only has technology become more mobile, we have also become more mobile in general. People grow up in Bern, live in Zurich today and are in Basel or another country tomorrow. And collecting and storing documents takes time and space. And who enjoys searching for a bank statement a year later?

The taxfritz app supports your mobility with current technology on a smartphone: Take pictures, upload and store documents at any time. Relevant documents are secured and can be queried at any time from anywhere. Forget the annoyance of searching for documents, physically or electronically storing them; taxfritz is central, can be reached at any time, regardless of location and is a tool that suits your habits.

The topic of data security is inherent

In addition to making the interface as easy-to-use as possible, data security was of particular importance to us. You trust us with your sensitive data. We ensure that we can guarantee maximum data security.

  • TLS encryption of all accesses: Your data is always transmitted securely
  • Server location in Switzerland
  • Professional maintenance and monitoring

At taxfritz, your data is as secure as it would be in Abraham’s bosom.

Development and further development

A large team has been programming and honing the app since 2015 so the app runs smoothly and securely. It is now ready for widespread practical use. If you have comments or recommendations for improvement at any point: please contact us immediately. We value criticism and praise equally because your satisfaction is the standard for our work.